We opened the “Jesus Christ: Tan, Rested and Ready” show with our brand new intro that features the one and only Warrior Kat and finally acknowledges our favorite Canadian in an appropriate way. We followed that up with a little witty banter between Matt and Jay and then we were off to the races!

Jay had an unfortunate experience at the People Pleasing Place

Matt had to deal with a couple of YAY-hoos at the Beer Mine

We did “The Resurrection” lead by Matt-Man of course

We talked about Easters past, present and future

Jessie Ferg joined us in the chat room.

We attempted to call the John Hagee prayer line and got put on hold

We attempted to call the TBN prayer line and GOT PUT ON HOLD!

We attempted to call the Israeli Embassy in D.C. to get a Passover update (didn’t go well)

We attempted to call the Vatican’s embassy in D.C. (went even worse and was downright hurtful)

Gave up on the pros and called a Taco Bell in Bagwine, OH asking for a little prayer and it didn’t go well. Katie was sweet, but apparently not into Jesus.

Tried to get a prayer from the King of King’s Burger King, but got HUNG UP ON!!!

Heard from a DRUNK Rev Moneymaker

Jesus Christ did a stand-up comedy routine from Ha Ha’s in Haifa, Israel

Phil Diller did stand-up from Temple Beth Israel in West Palm Beach, Florida

Paul Piatt got all fancy on us with an Easter poem in Latin.

And Schmoop joined Jay to simply gross him out by covering her chili dogs with Cole Slaw.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand OMG! Sooooooo much more!!!! Check it out!!! 

 Holaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yet another EPIC episode of IWS Radio this week y’all! We totally brought the funny for the whole 2 hours. Well, most of it anyway.  We…
Had a great Final Four discussion with both Slyder Balzcock and then from Dusty Sandman and Charles Barkley in IWS Air Action One HIGHHHHHH above North Texas
Nipsey Russell has some thoughts on the Championship Game …
The NCAA’s have been so exciting this year
All I can do is sit and cheer
Kentucky seems to have finally clicked
And UConn is gonna get their ass kicked 
Enjoyed some words of inspiration from Ma Tibbles
Relaxed to the soothing dulcet tones of Paula Piatt in the Poetry Corner
Told stories of rejection and heartache that will live in the deepest, darkest parts of our broken souls forever.
Had a great discussion about who’s the hotter sister. It started with Hallie vs Hillary Duff which we disagree on, but do agree that once they had spelled Haylie’s name with the “ie” that they should have spelled Hillary’s name with the “ie” also for consistency sake. Anyway, we then discussed the relative hotness of Brittney vs Jamie Lynn Spears, Paris vs Nicky Hilton and Ashlee vs Jessica Simpson as well as other hot sister duos. 
Heard from the loveable and adorable Schmoop and the sad news she received this week.
Got brought back to our happy place as Bobby Kraft regaled us with some of the most popular and hilarious tweets on Favstar.
Got even happier when Phil Diller took the stage in Aberdeen and brought the funny.
And OH SO MUCH MORE!!!! Totally check that show out! 

Check out Aunt Jackie’s cover of “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix for IWS Radio

Aunt Jackie (@jcquewood) Rocks the IWS Radio house on this week’s show by covering John Mellencamp’s “Hurts so Good!” 

IWS Radio continues to roll right along people! Even when we don’t have a set topic we just get on the air and kill it! This week’s “Lost Weekend” episode was no exception. We …

- Talked about March Madness and how much fun it has been.

- Celebrated University of Dayton’s tremendous success.

- Got an update on the tournament from Slyder Balzcock

- Discussed the big Furries Convention going on in Atlanta and how much fun that must be.

- Talked some more about the missing MH370 plane and mocked CNN for their coverage.

- Heard a brilliant poem from Jameson Jay read by Paul Piatt

- Drew Peacock described the hot and sensual haircut he got last week.

- Heard soothing yet inspiring words from Tammy Tibbles’ mother, Ma Tibbles

- Talked about Katella Dash, the human blow up doll. (Katella is totally invited on the show anytime)

- Celebrated National Chip and Dip Day!

- Enjoyed some hot rock ‘n roll by Aunt Jackie covering “Hurt So Good”

- Check in with IWS’ Adorable Loser Schmoop

- And sooooooooooooo much more! Totally check it out!!! 

 Not only did we all Spring Forward, well everyone except some weirdoes in Indiana and Arizona, but IWS Radio brought the funny this week as we Forced Spring to start a little early. And I think it worked too because there wasn’t any of the winter doldrums on this week’s IWS Radio. It was non-stop fun and excitement.
Well, there were some less that positive moments, but those weren’t because of any freezing weather, ice storms or gray gloomy skies. Jay did have to discuss the ordeal that has been attempting to get his laptop fixed. Oh it’s gonna get fixed, but it’s gonna cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS to do it.
We had a new sponsor this week too. The Black Sea Cruises offers some great deals on an amazing vacation in one of the most underrated vacation spots in the world. I don’t know about you guys, but I think vacationing on a cruise ship in the Black Sea near the Crimean coast sounds like a great idea!
There has been a bit of infighting at IWS lately and some of it has spilled over into the show. Last week we had Paul Piatt selling out and Kirk Douglas took a couple of cheap shots at Guy Ahnerdyck and Bobby Kraft. Well, Bobby and Guy both responded this week in their own special ways.
Speaking of which, shout out to Guy Ahnurdyck for winning a Dutchie! The first IWS correspondent to win a major award! Congrats Guy!!
 After a couple of passive-aggressive swipes at Kirk, Bobby gave everyone some great advice on preparing for Tornado Season. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy cause you’ll want to take notes!
Once again Aunt Jackie rocked the house! This week she covered Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town!” It was awesome! Thanks Jaxxx!!
 Martin was along to provide us with a great springtime meditation. We were all so relaxed I wasn’t sure we would be able to finish the show!
Stubby Stonehenge showed off his literary flexibility by sitting in for Paul Piatt in the Poet’s Corner this week. He was really great. I bet you’ll be surprised.
And sweet, lovable, adorable Schmoop stopped by to entertain us with her own brand of happy spring thoughts about Matt’s new “get to spend more time at home” schedule.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand soooooo much more! We rocked and rolled through the whole show once again this week. I don’t know what has gotten into us, but IWS Radio is on a real roll lately. Definitely check it out!